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Peak District Stargazing

The Peak District dark skies above Longnor Wood are truly spectacular - perfect for adults enjoying romantic Peak District getaways with us. What could be more perfect than relaxing in your own private outdoor hot tub and Peak District stargazing?

Hundreds, thousands of stars. Caught by stargazers

Stargazing in the Peak District at Longnor Wood 

Longnor Wood is located in a remote rural location giving guests enjoying romantic breaks in the Peak District a wonderful view of the Peak District dark skies, unhindered by any natural light. We are committed to preserving a level of darkness and on site with responsible low-level lighting.  

We have a range of peak holiday lodges with hot tubs and static caravans with hot tubs and each accommodation has its own private furnished decking which is ideal for enjoying the Peak District dark skies with a glass of wine. An easy stroll from your touring pitch, holiday lodge, glamping pod or static caravan to our dog walk field will give you an uninterrupted panoramic vista for your Peak District stargazing or why not enjoy from the comfort of your own pitch? We offer fire pits for hire to keep you warm when camping in the Peak District on one of our tent or touring pitches. 

On a clear night, especially in Winter, the pristine dark skies above Longnor Wood Holiday Park come alive with billions of stars and far away galaxies. If you are lucky, you will spot dazzling meteor showers and shooting stars, bright planets beaming in the night sky or the incredible Milky Way. Longnor Wood is open between 1st March and 10th January. Perfect for Peak District stargazing. 

But where else do we recommend for Peak District stargazing? There are three easily accessible dark sky discovery sites in the Peak District, all a short drive from Longnor Wood. Each site has dark sky interpretation panels, changed seasonally, to help visitors explore the night skies. When accessing Peak District dark sky discovery sites, the ground underfoot can be rough, wet and muddy. Warm, waterproof clothing and sensible shoes and a torch are essential. 

Parsley Hay Peak District

Parsley Hay Peak District

The Peak District National Park car park at Parsley Hay (on the Tissington Trail) is one of the closest dark sky discovery sites to Longnor Wood, a 15-minute drive. The best access to Parsley Hay Peak District is off the A515 near Hartington (nearest postcode SK17 0DG).  

Minninglow, Peak District.

Minninglow, Peak District

Minninglow stargazing is located around 20 minutes from Longnor Wood, off the A515 on the High Peak Trail at Pikehall (nearest postcode DE4 2PN). Minninglow is located in the White Peak area of the Peak District National Park. 

Surprise View Stargazing

Surprise View Stargazing 

Surprise View is a spectacular viewpoint above Hathersage and is known for being one of the best viewpoints in the Peak District for observing the sunset. It is also close to Stanage Edge and walkers can observe a number of distinctive rocks when walking in the area. Surprise View is also one of 3 Peak District stargazing dark sky discovery sites and stargazing can be accessed from the A6187 near Hathersage Booths S32, a 40-minute drive from Longnor Wood. From the car park there are panoramic views of the Peak District dark skies above the Hope Valley and towards Chatsworth House. Please note there are no toilets in the Surprise View car park. 

Sunrise on Mam Tor

Sunrise on Mam Tor 

Mam Tor (known locally as the Shivering Mountain) is the most popular sunrise spot in the Peak District National Park. It is pretty straightforward to ascend in the dark if you park in the National Trust Mam Nick car park (postcode S33 8WA). Mam Tor stands over 500 metres high and is less than a few miles away from Castleton in the Hope Valley. The walk from the Mam Nick car park to the summit of Mam Tor takes approximately 45 minutes. 

Peak District Stargazing Experience, man looking through telescope at all the stars

Peak District Stargazing Experience 

If you are looking for something special whilst enjoying romantic Peak District getaways, why not try a stargazing tour or experience and learn from the experts. Dark Sky Telescope Hire offer a private 2-hour guided stargazing tour from their base in Hathersage.  

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Jodrell Bank Observatory 

The observatory at Jodrell Bank is an easy day excursion from Longnor Wood. Its Lovell Telescope is the third largest steerable radio telescope in the world and you may well spot it on the journey to our Peak District campsite. In 2019, the Jodrell Bank Observatory became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The telescopes help space research and the study of Astro physics. The observatory is open to the public, with a large visitor centre and four individual pavilions and planetariums to explore, as well as 35 acres of outdoor spaces and the Jodrell Bank Arboretum. The Space Dome offers a 30 minute session which takes in the beauty and wonder of the night sky and an interactive Space Exhibition.  

Stargazing over the Peak District

Longnor Wood Stargazing Tips  

  • Pick a good time for your Peak District stargazing - a crisp, clear, cloudless evening is best. Try to avoid a full moon 
  • Find a safe spot to stand to appreciate the Peak District dark skies - without any artificial light pollution  
  • Dress for warmth with extra layers and choose suitable footwear if you will be walking over rough ground
  •   Avoid shining bright lights to let your eyes acclimatise to the dark skies; a red light torch is good. 
  • Ensure that your phone is red light enabled and never use flash photography
  •   Simply look up to enjoy - you don't need binoculars or a telescope to enjoy the scale of the Peak District dark skies and stars 
  •  Be patient – even on a cloudy night there are likely to be breaks in the clouds  
  • Locate Polaris or the Pole Star to get your bearings and simply work from there
  •   Download a stargazing app such as Stellarium to help you understand which planets and constellations are what.