New Website!!!


Some of the more eagle-eyed customers out there amongst you may have noticed a different look to the website, that is because it is an entirely new one! We took the decision to make a new one so that we had more control of the content and we could keep it relevant for you. It went live on the new site on the 26th of January but have slowly been making slight adjustments so didn’t feel the time was right to draw too much attention to it. It is now functioning in all of the main areas, but that is not to say we are done with it! There will be many exciting updates and additional features that we will keep you up to date with.


As well as a new website there is a new booking system. With the new system you have pictures of the unit that you are going to book, make additional payments online, have access to extra features, automatic discounts where applicable and it will now remind you about paying the balance.


The website has been designed by ourselves so we would welcome any feedback and suggestions that you may have (we will use our limited technical skills to try and do them!).


We hope you enjoy your time on our website but we are still here to help if you need it