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Bakewell to Over Haddon Approx 2 miles long, 45 minutes to an hour duration.

Bakewell Square

Start your walk in the centre of Bakewell, known locally as the square.


Turn around 180 degrees and head towards the bridge, turn right at the river.


Keep the river on your left and follow in to the park. Take the right hand path.


Follow the tree lined path to the end of the park.


Head through this alleyway, across the road at the end and into the next one.


At the end, cross the road. Follow the path round the building to the right.


At this point turn right and head out on to the A6.


Go across the road and head up Intake Lane.


At the end of the bridleway go through the gate and through the next field. 


At the top of the field go out of the gate and turn left.


After a short distance take this right hand turn up the road.


Stay on the road until you see this stile on the left. Head over it.


Go across the field diagonally and over the next two stiles.


Once you can see buildings head for them. At the Lathkil the walk is done!

After the walk you can head back down the same way you came or go on down into the Lathkill Dale.


I have made the start of this walk go by the river and through the park as I think it is nicer. You can just head down the A6 towards Matlock and pick up the walk from Intake Lane picture.